My first cocoon

Accompanying baby on a daily basis means bringing him warmth and comfort and soothing him when he is teething. It's also offering him a protective... Lire la suite

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... cocoon by decorating his room with little details that remind him how much you love him. At Kaloo, we believe that a peaceful baby is a happy baby!

To help you comfort your little one from birth, we have imagined teething rings ideal for relieving the first teething. In natural rubber or silicone, with the effigy of adorable animals, they are ideal for motor skills and to soothe your child. And to soothe a painful belly or simply comfort baby to put him to sleep peacefully, we offer very soft hot water bottle toys. To soothe your child during his first feelings of discomfort and allow him to wake up in the best conditions, Kaloo carefully monitors his well-being and helps you meet his needs.

Because it is essential that baby feels good in his room, we offer flexible night lights that are as adorable as they are well thought out, to reassure him in the dark. You will also find in our collections decoration and furniture dedicated to the baby's room: to offer as birth gifts and/or to keep his first memories. Photo frames, fingerprints, customizable mobile: only precious moments that Kaloo helps you to immortalize. The neo-classical style of our items make them the perfect gifts to prepare for the arrival of baby or offer him a reassuring and stimulating universe in which he can flourish.