Developed in collaboration with psychomotor therapists, this activity arch is ideal for awakening baby's senses while having fun. Thanks to an ingenious interlocking system that eliminates the need for screws, it's easy to assemble and can be taken or moved anywhere! The removable bar allows you to test 2 different positions to develop your child's motor skills. The 1st position, with the bar at its highest point, allows baby to make his first movements while lying on his back and interacting with the accessories. In the 2nd position, the bar is located lower down, allowing baby to lie on his tummy or sit up and play with the elements on the arch. This arch will easily accompany baby's first movements. The accessories are all different shapes with contrasting materials and colours to develop baby's sense of sight and touch. To stimulate baby's hearing, 2 accessories have different sounds. They can be placed anywhere on the swing, at different heights, to keep baby amused. The arch is 17,55 inches high and 30,23 inches long. Surface wash only.

Discover how easily you can assemble or modulate your sensory arch:

Product details

  • Material(s) Wood, polyester
  • Size 45 cm / 17.7\\\"
  • Stuffing 100% GRS-certified recycled polyester


  • Surface cleaning only by hand
  • Machine-washable at 30°C
  • Without softener, stain remover or other additive