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Their first birth box

Their first rattle

Rabbit Rattle Ball Terracotta

rabbits with irresistible ears

To be tied anywhere thanks to its big ears, Lapinoo is the rabbit that the whole family will love. Available in various colors, it comes in a comforter or plush version, but also now in a rattle, baby slippers and teething ring!

Rabbit Teether Terracotta
Doll Rabbit Peach 25cm


Sensory development toys

Developed in collaboration with psychomotor therapists, the Stimuli range has been designed to gently stimulate the senses of little ones. Made up of varied materials and rich, contrasting prints, the developmental toys from the Stimuli range accompany babies from birth to 24 months.

Developed in collaboration with psychomotor therapists, this FSC pine wood activity frame is designed to awaken baby's senses while entertaining them, from birth.

Equipped with an ingenious interlocking system which facilitates its assembly without any screws, this wooden arch is easy to assemble and transport. It offers ingenious scalability thanks to its removable central bar which allows you to test two different positions.

Find out how easily you can assemble or modify your learning arch:

Supporting baby’s sensory development

The flagship character of the Stimuli range is the cat, chosen in honor of babies who bear this affectionate little name from birth and whose gestures are very similar. Curious, mischievous and endearing, this adorable animal is available throughout the range: it is the sweet companion of baby's first experiences.

Formes sonores évolutives (Set de 4)

Developed in collaboration with psychomotor therapists, this set of evolving sound shapes is ideal for awakening baby while entertaining them, from birth.

Textures, contrasts and shapes: everything has been designed to stimulate motor skills and encourage the learning of volumes.

Jouets sensoriels à suspendre (Set de 3)

This set of nomadic sensory accessories is ideal for awakening baby from birth, wherever you are. They can be easily hung thanks to the ribbons with scratches provided for this purpose.

The three adorable cat shapes included in this set, available in contrasting colors, offer varied sensory experiences to stimulate your child's hearing, sight, touch and grip.


Their first dolls

Pretty faces, a personality of their own, ribbons, embroidery... No doubt, our new Tendresse dolls have nothing to envy of their big sisters!

This year, Olivia and Eli join the troop: one loves running across the plains, the other is happiest by the sea.

Eli Doll 32cm


Our adorable Amandine doll is now available in 40 cm size ! It also exists in 25 and 32 cm versions, to please all little ones.

Petit Calme

A scalable plush toy for the whole family

Petit Calme is the collection designed to relieve and soothe baby's first ailments. Natural rubber teething rings and hot water bottle soft toys make up this range, now supplemented by a large evolving dolphin soft toy.

How to use it :

Before the baby arrives and in the maternity ward

- Like a cushion so that the mother can be comfortably seated.
- Mom or dad can imbue this soft toy with their scent by keeping it close to them, which will make it even more endearing to baby.

From the first days of the infant

- The plush can be used as a support to support baby's back and head when he spends time on his play mat.
- It is an ideal support for feeding baby.
- With its integrated pocket containing a sachet of lavender, it is a soft toy with soothing properties.


Discover now all the advantages and possible uses of our large evolving dolphin soft toy on our YouTube channel.

When baby grows up

- It is a large plush toy ideal for fun or cuddling.
- The lavender contained in the pocket of the plush toy can be replaced by a pacifier or a handkerchief, for example.

This year at Kaloo, our new collection invites you to discovery, pleasure, comfort and well-being.

Baby's discovery of his senses and his world, with Stimuli sensory awareness toys , designed especially for him; but also the discovery of friendship thanks to the sweet friends that are our Tendresse fabric dolls .

With Lapinoo, the pleasure of playing and touching materials is offered to little ones. He finds comfort in his cuddly toy or rabbit soft toy , with a naughty look. Pleasure is also the smile of your loved ones when they receive a birth gift box that is as cute as it is well thought out for their baby.

Finally, the well-being of baby and his family being one of our concerns, we wanted to complete our adorable collections with teething rings and evolving soft toys : at all times, Kaloo watches over baby and offers him a world of gentleness and affection.